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The Love I Left Behind
It's been years since we last met.
Though geographically closer,
we still haven't seen each other yet.
Can't get you off my mind,
the love I left behind.
At the time there was nothing to say,
it was clear that you didn't feel the same way.
Would it be different if we met today?
Many years have passed, it's true.
To this day I can't stop thinking of you...
:iconazrieladraconious:AzrielaDraconious 0 0
A Brighter Day
The confused Angel looks in the mirror in wonder,
For once her world isn't in plunder.
Moving on is what's on her mind,
Hoping for that true love she'll one day find.
All negative thinking is done,
The battle within herself seems to be won.
She has pride in herself, strong and true,
Those who can bring her down are far too few.
For this inner peace, she knows not what debt she had to pay,
but she is forever grateful for a brighter day.
:iconazrieladraconious:AzrielaDraconious 1 0
Deviantid by AzrielaDraconious Deviantid :iconazrieladraconious:AzrielaDraconious 0 0
If I Could Be With You
If I could be with you...
I'd love to hold you
I'd love to kiss you
I'd love to feel your gentle caress of my cheek
If I could be with you...
My life would be complete
My life would be happy
My life would be a wish come true
But until that day that might never come,
All I can do is imagine what it would be like,
If I could be with you...
:iconazrieladraconious:AzrielaDraconious 2 0
Forgiveness makes the heart fonder,
but I still can't help but wonder.
Will my words be heard?
Or will they be overlooked without a word.
I know things ended with anger and madness,
but I can't live with this sadness.
I don't blame you if my words go unheard,
After all, when you spoke to me I didn't utter a word.
Enough time has passed now, time to wipe the slate clean,
A new me will now be seen.
No more lies will be spoken, only what is true,
and the truth is that I forgive you...
:iconazrieladraconious:AzrielaDraconious 1 1
He Can Never Know
So many things I wish I could say,
but I can't while I live too far away.
I left my family once before,
I can't bear to do it anymore.
Like a brother he used to be,
That is not the same anymore for me.
My resolve is beginning to bend,
I want to call him much more than a friend.
The fact that my heart years for him is true,
I only wish there was something I could do.
We are two birds of a feather,
It would make sense for us to be together.
He's in my dreams in my deepest sleep,
I fear this secret might not be easy to keep.
Asking him to leave his family would be wrong of me,
I understand how that would feel perfectly.
That is why when I talk to him my sadness cannot show,
Because while my heart is so torn, he can never know...
:iconazrieladraconious:AzrielaDraconious 3 0
AzrielaDeviantID4 by AzrielaDraconious AzrielaDeviantID4 :iconazrieladraconious:AzrielaDraconious 0 0
Missing You
There are days I miss you so bad,
what happened between us was so sad.
It was mostly a matter of trust,
that put on the final coat of rust.
On a friendship that had grown so weak,
another path did I seek.
I wish things could be how they were in the past,
But I was a fool to ever think that would last.
The clock moving forward in it's endless chime,
how I wish it was an earlier time.
You were my best friend, I wish you were still,
but trust is something needed to fulfill.
No one knows just how much I miss you,
I could talk about anything with you, it's true.
To myself I can admit until my end,
I still wish you were my best friend.
:iconazrieladraconious:AzrielaDraconious 1 0
Only Friends
Now is the time I have to say,
I'm sorry things did not go your way.
You ask of me things I can not do,
I just do not feel that way about you.
Every time I have to turn you away,
horrible guilt comes into play.
Than you go and pierce my heart deep with your double edged blade,
My trust in you slowly begins to fade.
My fear that you are only after one thing makes me sick,
The silence thereafter deep and thick.
If I mean anything at all to you as a friend,
then this charade must come to a swift end.
If you cannot accept that I can only be friends with you,
I fear that our friendship will soon be through.
:iconazrieladraconious:AzrielaDraconious 1 0
The Chains
A bracelet, two necklaces, and a ring sit in a drawer,
there is no way I can wear them anymore.
Their presence too much for me to bear,
reminding me of trust that evaporated into thin air.
The day the friendship faded,
was the day trust completely evaporated.
Messages have been sent my way,
expecting me to come up with words I can not say.
Their chains continue to ensnare me,
nightmares I wish I did not have to see.
Why they lied to me will forever be a mystery,
I just wish I could be free.
I'm glad you found the happiness you desired in the end,
even though it cost us both a friend.
:iconazrieladraconious:AzrielaDraconious 1 0
A Friend Betrayed
I wish things didn't end that way,
there's so much more left to say.
A betrayal that cuts deeper than a knife,
still tears at this soul's life.
Things said about me that were not true,
was hard hearing coming from you.
A grudge is something I hold well,
after believing lies that were too easy to sell.
You say I lied and said things that weren't true,
but honey, I know you did the same thing, too.
I'm too tired now, this charade must come to an end,
and now my soul needs time to mend.
Time to wipe away the many tears,
that continued to flow for so many years.
Just want you to know, that though I forgive you,
forgetting is something I will never ever do.
:iconazrieladraconious:AzrielaDraconious 1 0
Angel Of Death 4
The Angel awakens with tears in her eyes,
due to a dream that was nothing but lies.
Her prince was finally there at last,
but gone is the same man from the past.
He is with someone new,
her patience for a woman of his past very few.
These memories finally managed to put to rest,
a simple dream puts them once again to the test.
The Angel wonders, just when the teasing will end,
and when her heart will finally mend.
:iconazrieladraconious:AzrielaDraconious 0 0
Angel Of Death 3
The Angel falls to her knees, tears stinging her eyes.
In public, she says she's okay, but it's nothing but lies.
Her heart yearns for closure, but the time for that has long been over.
Regret pounds through her veins, she clings to  all that remains of a love
that could have been true. Shattered, too late to undo.
She still tries to put the pieces back together,
but it's too late. He's now with another.
Feeling her curse still in the way, she wanders alone, day by day.
For only a life of woe is for the Angel of Death to know.
:iconazrieladraconious:AzrielaDraconious 0 0
Angel Of Death 2
The angel appears, watching from a distance yet again,
This time with tears in her eyes, and a smile on her face.
Her heart is hurting, yet understanding dulls the pain.
Her curse, still in affect, keeps her in her place.
Fear clenches her heart, and lonliness is making her insane.
Nodding her head, she is happy others can find love once again.
Her name is Azriela, and being the angel of death will always be her burden.
:iconazrieladraconious:AzrielaDraconious 0 0
Angel Of Death 1
The angel appears, looking around the ever changing world
she knows her touch can be fatal, yet she still wanders on
someone catches her eye along the path, yet she keeps her distance
the mere reason being her curse, love always shatters for her in the end
she has accepted being alone as her fate, and though it saddens her
she still goes on, for the angel of death is she
protecting not only her own heart, but those around her as well
:iconazrieladraconious:AzrielaDraconious 0 0

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My Sister, My Friend
The years have passed with emptiness in heart.
Many times I tried but stopped before start.
Messages sent and read with no answer.
The dance of repair has lost its dancer.
Best friend and sister, she was to me.
Still held in my heart as such, wish she would see.
I would not continue to try if not thought.
I care not about the fights that were fought.
I still have old memories sitting before me
Still time in which I wish we could laugh and be
Role plays, and dream wishing, and so much to feel
I long for a moment in which we can heal.
So much between us that needs to be said.
Too many conversations had in my head.
The bracelet remains in my jewelry box
Tears well in eyes still before lid shuts and locks.
So much silence when words need to be told.
Just wish I could reach her, reach out and hold.
We both made mistakes and messed up bad.
I just really miss what we had.
Even though I know it may never be the same
I just wish this past could be overcame.
I do wish we could talk, forgive, and
:iconkiaradimari:KiaraDiMari 2 2
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Atharian Chronicles Update

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 29, 2014, 2:28 PM
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I know it's been a while since I've posted here. Work has taken it's toll on me and I will be the first to admit that I wish with every fiber of my being that I could dedicate all the time I have to writing. Alas, that is not possible because bills do have to be paid lol. I have been dedicating the free time I do have to the series, and I'm happy to report that things have been accomplished.

Some names and the entire plot points toward the end of the first book have been completely reworked. The forum is going to be undergoing some major changes as well as the Facebook page for this series, along with this author's public Facebook page as well. 

Yes, I look forward to getting the ball rolling once again on this project. Every author has a roller coaster ride to enjoy, and as such they have to ride through the low points as well as the high points in order to be successful. 

In the meantime, please enjoy a new addition to my "Angel" poem series. Blessings to all! ^_^

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Jacquelyn Alayne
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Welcome to my page. I am generally a writer, but I do dabble in the creative world of digital art as well. Most of the actual artwork you'll see on here are going to be from the novel series I am planning on writing, but I am more than willing to do commissions as well if anyone wants to have me give it a try. Writing and art are passions of mine, and I'm always willing to listen to others willing to give me any advice to make both the best they can be.

I am currently in the process of beginning to write my novel series, Diaries of Atharia. The Facebook page for it as well as the message forum are posted in my journal. Feel free to check it out if an alien love story strikes you as something you might be interested in. There isn't much there on either site at the moment, but I am making plans for that to change soon.

To everyone who becomes a fan and likes everything I have to share, I offer a big thank you in advance!!


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